Ligature clamp
1.Efficient and continuous ligation is carried out on the parts to be ligation with novel continuous design。 2.High polymer clip with good biocompatible performance, unique anti-slip, anti-drop clip design, radiation-transparent, no artifacts。 3.It has a variety of specifications and models to meet the needs of different clinical operations。 4.Disposable use to prevent cross infection。
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Disposable ligature clip
1.The convex design makes the closing clamp secure to the clamp head。 2.The integrated toothed structure is connected to the blood vessel。 3.The locking device provides tactile feedback for clear closure。 4.The closure clip can be removed with appropriate instruments。 5.Hinge structure, flexible placement, ligation failure, clear pop open。 6.Non-absorbable polymer material, inert, non-conductive, radio-permeable, does not affect CT, MRI, X-ray diagnosis。  
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Disposable pneumoperitoneum injection
1.Pneumoperitoneum needle is made of medical 304 stainless steel material with excellent performance。 2.Ventilation core head rounded design to avoid tissue damage。
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Disposable endoscopic specimen collection bag
1.The bag body is transparent and soft, using high strength TPU material with good biocompatibility。 2.The opening device is made of medical memory alloy material, and the bag mouth is fully opened to facilitate the placement of specimens。 3.Take out the automatic tightening bag mouth to avoid spilling and causing inflammation caused by tumor implantation or tissue fluid penetration, and reduce the risk of tissue damage。 4.Simple operation, safe and effective, a variety of specifications can be selected to meet a variety of surgical needs。  
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Disposable flush aspirator (flush drain)
1.The porous probe ensures smooth intraoperative suction。 2.Soft PVC pipe, avoid entanglement。 3.Process rounded corners reduce the risk of tissue damage during blunt stripping。 4.Slim stainless steel probe, a variety of outside diameter, length specifications to choose。 5.Lightweight handle design, one hand can easily complete the washing, suction action, excellent control。
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